Improve your company's efficiency
with BST and AWS support.


With AWS technology and BST services, you will be able to digitally transform your company with the best

innovative and efficient solutions that cater to the specific needs of each customer.


We assess extensively our clients process flows, searching for improvement and automation opportunities.

Serveless Automation

We minimize risks and streamline the delivery of financial products by providing background checks and obtaining business information to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

​Robotic Process Automation

We automate repetitive and cyclic tasks that are carried inside your business. We minimize human interaction, by using robots which replicate these tasks in less time and with zero margin of error.

Hiper – Automation

We develop end to end process automations, integrating different tools and technologies, that allow us to unlock your businesses’ highest potential.

AI & Machine Learning

Generating competitive advantages for our clients, incorporating to their existing process, AI and Auto Learning, which allows us to optimize their operations and continuously improve the value of our service.

Cloud Consulting

We minimize the impact that change may have in your business, by seizing all the advantages of the cloud. We accomplish this by optimizing your existing resources and by offering technical assistance to guarantee the success off its long-term implementation.

Cloud Managed Service

We manage and administer the cloud services for businesses who are looking to benefit from cutting-edge technology, but without having to invest in new infrastructure and periodic personnel training.

Migrate & Modernize

We migrate and modernize your Apps, making sure they are executed at its peak performance, delivering an important competitive advantage.


We Optimize and simplify software delivery life cycles, incrementing the speed of development, reliability in Apps delivery, and also helping businesses achieve a higher level of efficiency, stability, productivity and security.

Site Reliability Engineering

We propel the creation and maintenance of reliable Apps, which are flexible and scalable.

Data Strategy

We apply methods based on data to be able to transform your business. This is achieved by using the best tools and techniques to create new strategies that cater to current demands, as well es future ones.

Data Lakes

We build safe and stable data warehouses, with capacity for storing vast amounts and different types of data with absolute precision, as well as collecting and analyzing this data for smart, agile and innovative decision making.

Analytics & BI

We developed a model which allows us to convert Petabytes of data into valuable insights. Your business will easily be able to generate interactive visualizations to obtain a deeper understanding of their data, resulting in better decision making.


AWS Launched Projects

We have developed over 50 projects on AWS with various clients, primarily in process automation and data analytics.



AWS Service Delivery

AWS Lambda.





AWS Certifications


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner


AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator


Ícono para Computing


With AWS, we provide the broadest and most detailed functionality for IT.

Ícono para Storage


We provide enterprise-level durability, availability, and speed.

Ícono para Databases


We create and utilize applications that work with interconnected data.

Ícono para Networking & Content Delivery

Networking & Content Delivery

We deploy workloads in a secure and trusted global network.

Ícono para Analysis


With AWS, data becomes practical information to be utilized.

Ícono para Security, Identity & Compliance

Security, Identity & Compliance

We meet key requirements for data protection and confidentiality.

Success stories

Santiago Zamar and Nicolas Ugarte. Scania

BST managed to understand our project. They presented us with a solution to the problem we were facing, and today our onboarding process takes approximately 3 minutes, thanks to a bot that operates autonomously.

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