Automation: one of the most important trends currently.

31 de May de 2023
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Automation is transforming the current operations of companies, from increasing efficiency and production to improving customer service. Automation is one of the most important trends currently and will continue to impact businesses in the years to come.

BST has extensive experience in automation, both in addressing internal needs and supporting our clients in their demanding requirements over the past years. We started many years ago with RPA and have gradually incorporated new technologies, allowing us to evolve our automation capabilities. Our focus is on addressing needs that generate a real impact on businesses, whether it’s scaling operations, reducing risks of errors or non-compliance, and more.

Eduardo Lizama comments, at BST, we are excited to offer our clients the latest automation technologies, one of them being in collaboration with AWS and our product Serverless Automation.

AWS Serverless is an innovative approach to building and operating applications and services without having to provision or manage servers. With AWS Serverless, you only pay for the usage of resources and don’t have to worry about the underlying infrastructure and licensing.

Lizama exclaims, at BST, we offer automation services with AWS Serverless to help our clients make the most of this technology. Our automation experts can assist you in automating your business processes, enhancing efficiency, and reducing operational costs.

Some examples of how we can help you automate your business processes include:

  • Business process automation with AWS Lambda
  • Implementation of integration and workflow solutions with AWS Step Functions.
  • Using AWS Glue to automate data preparation and loading into a Data Lake.
  • Creating serverless applications with AWS App Runner.

AWS and BST: Working together to enhance automation.

To mention a few examples of practical Serverless Automation solutions we have implemented with our clients:

  • Background check of companies and individuals through different commercial information providers such as Equifax (Dicom) and reputable database providers. This is done to manage risk in the delivery of financial products.
  • Injection of banking transactions from various accounts in different banks into transactional systems.
  • Processing documents with different structures using OCR (AWS Textract) to extract, validate, and verify key customer data for our clients. This is done through business rules to calculate certain payments.
  • Reconciliation of millions of transactions and daily delivery of a summary report via email with availability, integrity, and transactional threshold alerts.

In summary, with AWS Serverless and BST’s automation services, you can enhance the efficiency of your business processes and reduce operational costs while benefiting from the scalability and flexibility of this technology. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you with AWS Serverless automation for your processes.

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