Cloud solutions: the reality of digital transformation.

31 de May de 2023
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Security, data storage, and information backup are fundamental elements for all companies, especially in a world where technology advances rapidly. In this regard, Excel databases belong to the past, while data in the cloud is the present and future because it is the best alternative to ensure that data is not erased or lost along the way.

That is why together with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we develop cloud solutions to digitally transform companies through their cloud services platform, one of the most comprehensive in the world. With it, we can provide our clients with storage, networking, databases, application services, computing power, and cybersecurity, among others.

Advantages of cloud solutions with AWS.

  • Innovation: It allows us to deliver technology to our customers so they can use their services in innovative ways, thanks to the wide range of advanced features it implements.
  • Business Partners: We are an AWS Select partner, which means our staff has a high level of expertise and knowledge to ensure that the services we deliver in collaboration with them are tailored to each of our clients.
  • Security: AWS’s core infrastructure meets the major security requirements demanded by the world’s strictest organizations, such as the military and international banks.
  • Storage: Thanks to the partnership, we can back up and store information in the cloud in a simplified manner and with high-quality standards. In fact, it is ideal for retrieving data at any time.

In particular, together with this partner, we have developed three solutions: Automation Lab, Cloud Lab, and Data & Analytics. Each of these solutions has sub-services that allow us to adapt to the needs of each company in delivering cloud solutions. In this regard, this partnership enables us to guarantee security, data protection, and storage – three qualities that make this platform a must for companies, in addition to improved performance and efficiency within organizations.

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